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A long talk about The Labor Force, Opioids and Bankruptcy Research

Changing times calls for certain changes to be made. A conversation with Jeff Korzenik, chief investment strategist at Fifth Third Bank, and Kate Waldock, an assistant professor from Georgetown University, brought a new light to some rather interesting topics.

Korzenik has researched two essential issues that play a role in how low levels in labor force engage with the current economic cycle; the opioid pandemic, and its role in eliminating people from the labor force. Waldock focuses on how we require more efforts to reintroduce the formerly incarcerated into the labor force.

Experts, economists, and analysts say that a growing and improving economy has a positive effect on the general workforce. If an economy is showing signs of progress, then it means it can help bring workers into the labor force. However, Korzenik believes that times are changing. As such, the cycle of things is a bit different, and there will be more pressing challenges in the months to come.

Korzenik cited a particular study which showed that more than 1.3 million males were out of the labor force thanks to opioid addiction. He also mentioned that more than 11 million Americans are abusing opioids. According to Korzenik, the solution isn't far fetched. He insists that the economy has an opportunity it can take advantage of, and that is to reintroduce ex-offenders to solve the problem of lack of available workers. According to him, this will help solve the main problem faced by small and midsize businesses. Korzenik mentions several plans are already in place to address the issue. He is already using his experience and knowledge in the field to help companies and businesses.

The Bankruptcy Research By Kate Waldock

Waldock's specialty is in finance and bankruptcy research. The assistant professor has a healthy appetite for capitalism, and she talks about it at length in her podcast called "Capitalisn't."

Waldock started her career in finance in 2008 by joining the Lehman Brothers proprietary fixed-income trading desk. Her journey in 2008 saw her land right into the epicenter of the financial crisis. The exposure and the fall out off the crisis gave her the motivation to pursue a doctorate in bankruptcy research.

Waldock focuses on unsecured creditor research, suspicious transfer activity that ties into bankruptcy, and small business formation and serial entrepreneurs who stopped being serial.

Waldock also gave her take on the Toys "R" Us bankruptcy. She mentioned the cause of the bankruptcy and its role in other retail bankruptcies.


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