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After your divorce putting your life together can feel overwhelming and impossible. It is much easier just to not try, and just continue your life without making changes. However making the effort to change your life for the positive, and get out and experience life in a whole new way is an amazing opportunity. It is up to you to rebuild your life, but Divorce has put together some helpful tips, and information on what you can do to refocus your life in the right direction.

Remove the Negativity from Your Life

When you are looking to find direction, and make sense of your new life, negativity can cloud your judgment, and fog over the opportunities you just have to discover. Every day will be a battle, and only a positive attitude will protect you from your own negativity. Day by day it will start to get easier; you just have to believe in yourself. Anything that causes negativity in your life should be resolved or replaced.

Deciding to get a divorce is a difficult and emotional decision. The process is complex, and involves difficult legal matters, and complex court procedures. You are going to have many difficult questions about your divorce, children, finances, how to pay for it, separation, custody, and more, the good news is you are not alone. A local divorce attorney is well versed in your states laws, and can ensure you legal rights and options are preserved. A divorce attorney will help protect your family, assets, and your interests, while navigating you through the divorce process. Our divorce and family law attorneys have the answers and support you need to get through this difficult time.

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legal rights & options:

Prenuptial Agreement: A prenuptial agreement is drawn up to protect he interests of both spouses, and simplify a divorce. The prenuptial agreement details how the assets, property, debts, and other items related to the marriage will be handled if the marriage is annulled. The court will usually go according to a prenuptial agreement, as long as it follows the states laws and guidelines. If you have a prenuptial agreement, or wish to dispute yours, it is always best to consult an attorney who is knowledgeable of your states divorce and family laws.


Legal Council: When you decide that you want to file a divorce, or receive notice that a divorce petition has been filed against you, you have the right to retain legal counsel. Whether your divorce is uncontested, or not, having an attorney will help ensure that you navigate correctly through the complicated legal procedures. A divorce attorney will help you prepare for your divorce, fight for your interests in court, and help you negotiate a divorce settlement that fairly reflects your interests and needs.


file your divorce:

Filing for divorce is a scary and emotional time for a lot of people, but it also is a strict legal procedure, enforced and governed by the court system.

Divorce Court Jurisdiction: When you file for divorce the state that the divorce is filed in has jurisdiction or legal power over the divorce proceedings. When you file your divorce petition it is most often done in the local county or district branch of the states superior or circuit court. In some state there is a specified division of the court dedicated to family law, and divorce petitions.

Residency Requirements for Divorce: When you are ready to file for divorce, and you locate the proper jurisdiction to file your petition, the court will require you to prove your residency, and in many cases the state, and county will require residency as well. Generally, most states and counties require you to be a resident for at least 6 months before you file for divorce.

Filing the Divorce Petition: A divorce petition is the legal form filed with the court system by a spouse who wants to get a divorce. The petition is filed in court, and contains important information about the marriage, including the legal names of the spouses, children, assets, properties, and requests for support, custody, and other post marriage items.

secure your assets:

How to protect your assets in a divorce is a common concern for many people going through a divorce. There are important steps you should first take before doing anything else to ensure that your assets are protected during your divorce.

Speak with an Attorney: The first step to protecting your assets is meeting with a local divorce attorney to discuss your case. Your attorney will be able to give you valuable insight in your states laws, and how best to handle your assets for your particular situation.

Categorizing Your Assets: There are two primary types of assets in a marriage, communal or marital property, and individual or premarital property. There are different laws to how these assets are handled, and separating them from the beginning will make protecting and dividing the marital assets easier.

Identify Your Personal Assets: It is important to identify the assets that were given to you as a gift, inheritance, heirloom, or what you had before you were married. It is a good idea to write down a list of all of these assets, their worth, a picture, and proof that they are yours, and keep the list in a safe place. If any of your assets are in danger, make sure to move them to safe place.

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