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SC Attorney General Alan Wilson States That Lurking Internet Predators Are Becoming Highly Sophisticated Online

Previously stated by Attorney General Alan Wilson WPDE News-Channel 15 on Wednesday, sexual predators are hiding their real identities while browsing through the internet to search for their child victims. With the internet advancing on a daily basis, it's becoming harder and harder to catch patrolling sexual predators due to the fact that the internet allows you to browse anonymously and present themselves differently.

Since the ICAC ( Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force) was formed in 2005, it's made 441 arrests, which led to 303 convictions. About 55 law enforcement organizations across the state are a fragment of the task force. Wilson stated the task force is working endlessly to catch any sexual predators that are lurking on the internet, but he's concerned about the ones that don't get caught. Parents can also help prevent their child from becoming a victim by monitoring their internet usage and by having the computer in an open common area.

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