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Protect Women In The Workplace

Trevor Fitzgibbon who co-founded Fitzgibbon Media, a well-known PR firm was closed at the end of 2015 because of sexual harassment claims as well as assault. He has since decided to launch a contradictory venture which is aimed at creating a world both in and outside of work where women are able to flourish. With no criminal charges held against him by the Sexual harassment attorney hired by the accusers he is free to lead the venture which has been named ‘Dignity for Our Daughters’.

Before closing down the Fitzgibbon’s company was known as one of the most progressive companies and part of WikiLeaks and They also took statements from Chelsea Manning to tweet on her behalf. Although there were numerous allegations made against Fitzgibbon to a Sexual harassment attorney with the media printing about at least 6 separate harassment issues and 2 assault allegations no charges were accepted.

Fitzgibbon had already earned himself a reputation with professionals in DC as a result of his behaviour before it was publicised. One job applicant was shocked at the request she received to provide naked photographs to her potential employer over social media as well as requests for sex. When the applicant declined the advances the offer of a job post was also taken away. Another lady, a client of the company told the media that she had been lured into Fitzgibbons hotel room where she was then grabbed by the breast. There were also accusation reports from Fitzgibbons previous job. During 2015 when the allegations were publicised all staff members were terminated and the company was closed.

With charges no longer being brought against Fitzgibbon after three formal criminal complaints to a well-known Sexual harassment attorney there is speculation that all three who were represented by the same attorney are thought to have exaggerated according to a statement released from Fitzgibbon. He did apologise publicly for his behaviour and went on to announce he wanted to focus his attention instead on showing compassion for women in the workplace and equality for all. He also claimed that the allegations were false but that he understood why the women had lied because of harassment often going unreported.

Fitzgibbons future plans are now to launch a whole new company called Misson Critical Media alongside Ann Szalkowski who has opened up about her own abuse. In addition to the company they have joined forces to create Dignity for our Daughters where he advocates for people that may be vulnerable. The reason for starting this initiative is claimed by Fitzgibbons to be down to a new found respect and understanding of the way women are treated in the workplace.

People that worked with Fitzgibbons have described him as being flirtatious and at times unprofessional, however the story given by the women were deemed to be exaggerated and inconsistent. Screenshots of conversations between Fitzgibbon and one of the women showed what seemed to be a consensual conversation. Another lady that had worked alongside Fitzgibbon stood to his defence saying that she had never suffered at the hands of any harassment while working with him. People are of course sceptical of how Fitzgibbon intends to be the role model for Dignity for our Daughters and are waiting for further updates.

Those that have made complaints feel that justice was not served as it should have been and feel that the criminal charges they brought against him were dismissed unfairly. Despite support from a celebrity Sexual harassment attorney in retaliation the management of the previous company rallied together to release former employees sensitive information which has caused the accusers more stress. Fitzgibbons credibility and ability to be part of Dignity for our Daughters is thought to be questionable at least.

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