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Let’s own up to it, Real estate can be a prolonged and very complicated process. Purchasing a piece of real estate whether it’s your first house or you’re trying to diversify you’re assets does not change the fact that it is one of the most important purchases you will make in your lifetime both financially and personally. Our lawyers will be able to help you with some issues that may occur while you are trying to purchase property such as acquiring the proper deed or accounting for all the taxes you have to pay on the estate. You may not need an attorney to purchase the property however it is a very wise decision to consult with one to make sure the decision you make in terms of property purchasing is in fact a wise one.

Lanlord/Tenant Law

When it comes to the dynamic between Landlords and Tenants each party has their particular rights and is subject under individual responsibilities. As a landlord you’re responsible for maintaining safe and healthy environments for the tenants. The Landlord also has a set of guidelines to follow in case they have a tenant who is violating the terms of their agreement in any and behaving unruly in some form or fashion. When it comes to a tenant being evicted a landlord is only able to do so in a specific way. A landlord may not take or repossess any personal belongings from the tenant’s property, change the locks, bar the door in some fashion or forcibly remove a tenant from the property. The process of eviction is a legal matter and must be handled on the legal level. If you find yourself in a situation whether as a tenant or a landlord when you feel your rights are being infringed upon take some time out of your day a schedule a consultation with our law firm.


Foreclosure Avoidance

When you’re unable to make mortgage payments for whatever reason and you fall several months behind you find yourself sadly in a hole of debt most banks will file for foreclosure. Foreclosure is the process of the bank taking back possession of a house that they lent you the money for with the intention of selling in order to make their money back that was lent out. Because of the housing market today the foreclosure rates are high meaning houses are difficult to sale and ultimately it means that you have more time. Even if you’ve missed a few mortgage payments you still have options such as short selling or establishing a loan modification which will adjust your monthly payments into something you can afford. Our lawyers will help you talk to the bank and negotiate a solution that works out for everybody.

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