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Sexual Harassment Allegations

EEOC which stands for equal employment opportunity commission sought help from a sexual attorney lawyer with allegations of sexual harassment. The allegations were brought against Landscaping Inc on the fifth of May. One of their previous employees came forward seeking help after she had been harassed during her time working there by other colleagues. The complaint was first voiced to management however no action was taken and it was even suggested that the complainant quit her post if she was unhappy, which was something the employee did due to lack of help and support.

The director of EEOC voiced her opinion on the matter saying that no employee should have to endure that kind of environment which was plagued with both inappropriate touching and verbal abuse. The complainant worked for a truck driving company but although this is a predominantly male workplace it by no means excuses the behaviour that the former employee endured. As any sexual attorney lawyer will tell you, this behaviour is not only unethical and uncivilized it is also against the law. The EEOC sought help to compensate the complainant for the damages of loss of earnings as well as punitive damage. They also hope to get an order in place to ensure the behaviour is not repeated with present and future employees.

The complainant did exactly what was to be expected in cases of sexual harassment including making the first complaint to the site manager and company owners. The EEOC sexual attorney lawyer stated that despite the previous employee following the right protocol she was not given the help she needed to comfortably remain in her job post. As the company failed to take action and instead forcing the employee to take her own resignation, they are deemed as being guilty of gross misconduct and this is why the fight is taking place.

In another case there has been complaint of sexual harassment of a male on male nature due to his sexual orientation. It was the first case of its kind. The case was brought to the attention of a sexual attorney lawyerafter he employee had complained of homophobic jibes including writing offensive remarks written on company vehicles. There were also pornographic magazines left further remarking to his sexual orientation. He was even given a hat by one college which had a Spanish writing when translated meaning homosexual. A complaint was filed with management but no action was taken. A regional sexual attorney lawyer said that he could not believe that in this day of age such severe harassment continued in the workplace.

The EEOC is responsible for the handling of any charges in relation to discrimination and conduct of the company’s response to such complaints. Employment discrimination is still continuing despite there being laws against it and complaints being made through the proper channels and EEOC hope to put a stop to it by enforcing laws that prohibit it.

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