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Upcoming eviction at the airport begins to unfold


As the national government is preparing to put into action the second phase of the expansion in the Malindi International Airport in which squatters in that location are currently looking at eviction.

Magu Mutindika, the commissioner for Kilifi County stated that a few squatters are yet to relocate after receiving compensations to leave the property.

He stated that about Sh418 million was released last year for compensation.

Mutindika was the head of the Presidential Delivery Unit that was on tour yesterday in Malindi for Government projects together with officials from the National Labor Commission and the Kenyan Airport Authority (KAA).

He stated yesterday that temporary structures have been set up by individuals who have received compensations to vacate the landed property and the Government will have no choice but to forcefully evict every individual in violation of this order.

More than 300 households have received compensation to leave the 25-hectare property. While others have left after destroying their structures, some remain after receiving the compensation.

The KAA stated that about 259 hectares of land is required by the Malindi International Airport contrary to the existing 100.9 hectares.

The land is set to expand the runway from the existing 1.5 kilometers to 2.5 kilometers as well as to guarantee the safety and security of the facility.

The 300 million first phase of the project has been completed, which comprises the construction of a car park, extension of the airport’s apron and a security fence of about 7.5 kilometers.

Mutindika also stated that about Sh700 million will be released as a payment to cover the phase two of the project.

He stated that the second phase of the project will start very soon that will enlarge the hangar of the airfield to cater to larger commercial airplanes.

The expansion of the runway will enable the airport to handle direct international flights which will eventually boost the arrival of tourists.

Mohamed Karama, the manager of the Malindi airport stated that the proposal for expanding the runway has been promoted and approved./p>

He stated that they are currently in talks with the consultant on expanding the runway.

Mutindika also stated that the government is fully interested in boosting the region’s economy, which is majorly determined by tourism, by optimizing the development of infrastructure projects worth billions.

A few of these notable projects consist of the installation of tarmac at the Malindi-Sala Gate Road measuring 116 kilometers in Tsavo East National Park worth about Sh4.1 billion which is about 82& complete.

He stated that another project worth Sh1.5 billion that comprises of the construction of tarmac at the Sabaki Bridge-Marikebuni-Marafa Roa, which is 41% complete in which contractors have been informed to speed up the project.

The development of 5,000 capacity Ronald Ngala Utalii College, located at Kilifi worth about Sh4.2 billion, which is about 53% complete and anticipated to admit new intakes in September 2020.

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