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Utah Personal Injury Attorney Wins Case Against Fiat Chrysler

Utah personal injury attorney, Eric S. Olson recently prevailed in a case against Fiat Chrysler. The Utah Attorney prevailed in a bankruptcy proceeding against Fiat Chrysler which attempted to nullify a product liability lawsuit filed by an injured person in Utah district court.

In the case, the judge ruled that the bankruptcy of the predecessor Chrysler did not foreclose the personal injury lawsuit.

From the court records, the bankruptcy proceeding was birthed from Fiat Chrysler's motion to dismiss a personal injury lawsuit filed by a client of law firm of Eisenberg, Gilchrist & Cutt. The client was severely injured and paralyzed in a 2015 accident while inside a Dodge Durango. In the lawsuit, the cause o the injury was allegedly a tread separation in the vehicle caused the Dodge Durango to lose control, leave the road, and fall on the vehicle's roof thus leading to severe spinal injury.

The judge in his ruling, said that the victim's lawsuit was a result of liability claim, and that New Chrysler assumed liability for the aforementioned claims involving products sold by Old Chrysler when it bought the company in a bankruptcy sale 2009. The ruling in favor Eric S. Olson means that the personal injury lawsuit against Fiat Chrysler can proceed, and the victim represented by Mr. Olson and the law firm will have the chance to recover financial compensation for her damages.

Eric S. Olson is an Utah personal injury attorney and partner at Eisenberg, Gilchrist & Cutt. As a dedicated attorney for injured victims, Mr. Olson has had several triumph in many cases involving serious injuries. He has also settled cases involving defective products, motor vehicle collisions, and other preventable accidents. He has been able to obtain favorable verdicts for numerous clients.

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