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Firearms are a huge deal and should not be sold to just anyone! Lawmakers should make sure that the person buying the firearm should have a background check before purchase. This will surely minimize all the accidents occurring right now around the world. The causes of death have increased due to having firearms in the wrong hands. Especially, with citizens that do not know what they’re doing and just lost their mind for a split moment.  Lawmakers can pass this like by teaming with the Federal Firearms License holder, which actually grants certain people to hold firearms.

Issue at hand

Currently, lawmakers are trying to execute a new game plan when it comes to firearms. The person, who is purchasing, should meet with a representative and see if they are eligible to actually buy a firearm. Especially since they currently do not do so, and a lot of chaos has been roaming around. This will minimize a lot of attacks that happened throughout the years, since firearms will never again (through purchase), fall in the wrong hands.

This action plan could have avoided these crimes:

  • Alison Parkers
  • Chattanooga
  • Orlando on June 12th
  • Colorado on October 31st
  • Fort Hood on November 5th
  • DC Navy Yard on September 16th
  • Las Vegas Cop deaths on June 9th
  • Muhammad Carton Contest on May 3rd
  • Aurora movie theater on July 20th
  • Fort Hood on November 5th

And many more could have easily been avoided with the action plan stated above. These attackers where only taking the chance given to them when buying the firearm. If they were told “no”, then they would have probably given up and left the whole attack before it even started.

New rules

In New Mexico, they began to believe that if background checks were done, then maybe the killings or attacks would get less. They may still be there, but they would definitely decrease in number. They also request if this action plan can be a law they could pass. But when this became a serious process, the democratic representative had a few exceptions for the law. It is allowed to sell between family members, an owner of a firearm store, the police or any law bureau.

This was not happy news for New Mexico, since the attack that occurred in Florida on June 12th where a security officer killed 49 people. He would have been able to buy the gun both ways, so what was the point of implementing those rules, when one of them is clearly vague. However, if a background check was run at the time, the representative may have not found any issues or past accusations for him because he did not have any. It may not be the best solution but it helps people who need firearms to defend themselves to purchase them.  People should always try their best to feel safe in this world. Even if at times there is complications, everyone should feel safe.


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