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Sex Abuse Victims

An advertisement request submitted to CFB Esquimalt newspaper requesting sexual assault, harassment and discrimination survivors has been blocked on the grounds it could make the issue of sexual harassment worse. Although statements made by the applicant Canadian Forces who commit themselves to root out any kind of military sexual misconduct the ad was still rejected says Sexual harassment attorney firm Acheson, Sweeney, Foley, Sahota. It has been argued that if the paper followed their own claims of being against sexual misconduct the ad would have been accepted rather than denied.

The reason the Sexual harassment attorney firm was on the lookout for sexual misconduct survivors that work or worked within the military was to expand on the number of survivors that had already come forward to highlight the issue. The Sexual harassment attorneyis said to have done more than offer victim’s legal advice but also to offer them support and counselling as well as a place they felt safe enough to open up about their experience.

Despite the Sexual harassment attorney trying to make alterations to the advertisement and resubmitting it was still refused. The newspaper editor claimed that the post could amplify the issue unnecessarily which were the reasons for its refusal. They also added that they would welcome a generic ad that didn’t target one area such as the military as they are not allowed to quote any accusations that are not backed with evidence against any uniformed personnel.

Although the ad was refused it was forwarded onto the public affairs department and the office of the base commander. The paper has claimed that they are a tool for not only the public but also for the military community so they have to think of what harm it could do to the armed forces. It has been said that the military have many strategies in place to avoid sexual misconduct.

Back in December there was a notice filed by the Sexual harassment attorneywhich was made against the Canadian General regarding a sexual harassment and assault claim against women that were not heterosexual. The law suit claimed that the military is an environment where sexual misconduct is deemed normal due to lack of leadership skills. Despite the ad from the Sexual harassment attorneybeing refused the law firm has already received complaints from over 100 people. In the past 12 months alone there have been complaints from just under 5% of women that have worked in the Canadian forces. The complaints from men was just 1.2%.

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