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Sexual Harassment

Although sexual harassment is pretty much a taboo subject for most, it is unfortunately on the rise and becoming somewhat of an epidemic with 87% of young women now experiencing it in some way shape and form. Young women refers to those between the ages of 18 and 25 and with 41% claiming that they had been touched inappropriately against their will it’s a big worry.

The study was known as ‘The Talk’ and opens up about the different types of misogyny that is faced by young women in their places of education, workplace and elsewhere. The biggest reason young women experiencing issues in this sector and not seeking help from a sexual harassment attorney is thought to be down to lack of knowledge. Many are not educated enough to be able to avoid engaging in it. Another problem is the fact that a huge amount of respondents didn’t receive information about healthy relationships from their caregivers meaning they picked it up from peers, online and from other sources.

The report was released just one day after there was a published report showing assault and rape on campus was rising significantly. Each section of on campus crimes had fallen between 2001 and 2004 except those of a sexual nature which rose by 205%. Of the thousands of young people who took part in the study, the majority had not previously discussed related issues to sexual assault. Three quarters hadn’t ever spoken to their parents about how to avoid being an instigator of sexual harassment and just under half agreed that the statement of there being no double standards women was true.

Never mind a sexual harassment attorney, more than 60% of those surveyed hadn’t had any type of conversation about how it is wrong to pressure another person into sex after they have refused and a worrying 57% were unaware that it was illegal to have sexual intercourse with someone deemed unable to make an uninformed decision including those under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Because schools in America are not providing a thorough education surround sex education only focusing on contraception and staying safe during sex it is said to be concerning at how many youngsters don’t know the laws surrounding sexual conduct. There are a few courses available in some states however they are few and far between and tend to only be brought in as a disaster prevention method. Consent issues and healthy relationship discussions rarely take place at learning institutions as parents may think.

Although it’s deemed an awkward conversation to have with young people parents that are yet to have the talk should seek comfort in the fact that 70% of those taking part in the study would actually like to speak to their parents more about the subject. Although it may seem awkward for both it’s not only a necessary conversation to have, but also something that young people wish they had.

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